Kaggle: PUBG Finish Placement Prediction

5 октября 2018 — 31 января 2019
Осталось 1 неделя, 3 дня
The team at PUBG has made official game data available for the public to explore and scavenge outside of "The Blue Circle." This competition is not an official or affiliated PUBG site - Kaggle collected data made possible through the PUBG Developer API. You are given over 65,000 games' worth of anonymized player data, split into training and testing sets, and asked to predict final placement from final in-game stats and initial player ratings. What's the best strategy to win in PUBG? Should you sit in one spot and hide your way into victory, or do you need to be the top shot? Let's let the data do the talking!

Kaggle: Quora Insincere Questions Classification

6 ноября 2018 — 6 февраля 2019
Осталось 2 недели, 2 дня
In this competition, Kagglers will develop models that identify and flag insincere questions. To date, Quora has employed both machine learning and manual review to address this problem. With your help, they can develop more scalable methods to detect toxic and misleading content. Here's your chance to combat online trolls at scale. Help Quora uphold their policy of “Be Nice, Be Respectful” and continue to be a place for sharing and growing the world’s knowledge.

Kaggle: Histopathologic Cancer Detection

16 ноября 2018 — 1 апреля 2019
Осталось 2 месяца, 1 неделя
In this competition, you must create an algorithm to identify metastatic cancer in small image patches taken from larger digital pathology scans. The data for this competition is a slightly modified version of the PatchCamelyon (PCam) benchmark dataset (the original PCam dataset contains duplicate images due to its probabilistic sampling, however, the version presented on Kaggle does not contain duplicates).