Medical Segmentation Decathlon

4 мая 2018 — 24 августа 2018
Осталось 6 дней
With recent advances in machine learning, semantic segmentation algorithms are becoming increasingly general purpose and translatable to unseen tasks. Many key algorithmic advances in the field of medical imaging are commonly validated on a small number of tasks, limiting our understanding of the generalisability of the proposed contributions. A model which works out-of-the-box on many tasks, in the spirit of AutoML, would have a tremendous impact on healthcare. The field of medical imaging is also missing a fully open source and comprehensive benchmark for general purpose algorithmic validation and testing covering a large span of challenges, such as: small data, unbalanced labels, large-ranging object scales, multi-class labels, and multimodal imaging, etc. This challenge and dataset aims to provide such resource thorugh the open sourcing of large medical imaging datasets on several highly different tasks, and by standardising the analysis and validation process.

Financial Data Discovery Competition 2018

26 мая 2018 — 29 августа 2018
Осталось 1 неделя, 4 дня
Financial Data Discovery Competition 2018

Kaggle Home Credit Default Risk

18 мая 2018 — 30 августа 2018
Осталось 1 неделя, 5 дней
Home Credit strives to broaden financial inclusion for the unbanked population by providing a positive and safe borrowing experience. In order to make sure this underserved population has a positive loan experience, Home Credit makes use of a variety of alternative data--including telco and transactional information--to predict their clients' repayment abilities.


21 мая 2018 — 21 ноября 2018
Осталось 3 месяца
Build an AI to Compete against the World.

crowdAI: AI-generated music challenge

1 января 2018 — 31 декабря 2018
Осталось 4 месяца, 2 недели
In this challenge, participants are tasked to generate an AI model that learns on a large data set of music (in the form of MIDI files), and is then capable of producing its own music. Concretely, the model must produce a music piece in response to a short “seed” MIDI file that is given as input. There are two special aspects of this challenge, apart from the extremely interesting application. First, the results of the models will be evaluated by humans, with an ELO-style system where volunteers are given two randomly paired pieces of generated music, and choose the one they like better. Second, the top five models will at the end each generate a piece of music that will be performed live on stage at the Applied Machine Learning Days!

Kaggle: Predict Future Sales

8 февраля 2018 — 2 января 2019
Осталось 4 месяца, 2 недели
This challenge serves as final project for the "How to win a data science competition" Coursera course. In this competition you will work with a challenging time-series dataset consisting of daily sales data, kindly provided by one of the largest Russian software firms - 1C Company.