Kaggle: PetFinder.my Adoption Prediction

27 декабря 2018 — 29 марта 2019
Осталось 3 дня, 18 часов
In this competition you will be developing algorithms to predict the adoptability of pets - specifically, how quickly is a pet adopted? If successful, they will be adapted into AI tools that will guide shelters and rescuers around the world on improving their pet profiles' appeal, reducing animal suffering and euthanization.

Kaggle: Histopathologic Cancer Detection

16 ноября 2018 — 1 апреля 2019
Осталось 6 дней, 18 часов
In this competition, you must create an algorithm to identify metastatic cancer in small image patches taken from larger digital pathology scans. The data for this competition is a slightly modified version of the PatchCamelyon (PCam) benchmark dataset (the original PCam dataset contains duplicate images due to its probabilistic sampling, however, the version presented on Kaggle does not contain duplicates).

Activities in Extended Videos Prize Challenge by IARPA

26 января 2019 — 15 мая 2019
Осталось 1 месяц, 2 недели
The Activities in Extended Videos Prize Challenge (ActEV-PC) seeks to encourage the development of robust automatic activity detection algorithms for an extended video. ActEV-PC is operated by NIST and sponsored by IARPA. Challenge participants will develop algorithms that address the "Activity Detection Task" which requires systems to detect and temporally localize the activity instance for 18 activities that are to be found in extended videos. Extended videos contain significant spans without any activities and intervals with potentially multiple concurrent activities. ActEV-PC will contain two phases – the ActEV-PC Open Leaderboard evaluation (Phase 1) and the ActEV-PC Independent evaluation (Phase 2).

Kaggle: LANL Earthquake Prediction

11 января 2019 — 4 июня 2019
Осталось 2 месяца, 1 неделя
n this competition, you will address when the earthquake will take place. Specifically, you’ll predict the time remaining before laboratory earthquakes occur from real-time seismic data. If this challenge is solved and the physics are ultimately shown to scale from the laboratory to the field, researchers will have the potential to improve earthquake hazard assessments that could save lives and billions of dollars in infrastructure.

Kaggle: Two Sigma Using News to Predict Stock Movements

25 сентября 2018 — 16 июля 2019
Осталось 3 месяца, 3 недели
By analyzing news data to predict stock prices, Kagglers have a unique opportunity to advance the state of research in understanding the predictive power of the news. This power, if harnessed, could help predict financial outcomes and generate significant economic impact all over the world.